January 28, 2010

House Garden Reception

Theme: Fruits
Flowers: Roses
Venue: Client's House

October 24, 2009

Modern English Wedding

Theme: Simple
Flowers: Orchids, Anthurium
Venue: Carcosa

October 22, 2009

Garden Wedding

Theme: Garden Wedding
Colors Used: White (morning), Red (night)
Flowers: Roses
Venue: Tropican Golf and Country Resort

October 21, 2009

Simply Yellow

Theme: Yellow
Flowers: Casa Lilies, Calla Lilies, Japan Cream Roses, Green Mini Pom Pom & Jasmine Buds

A lively wedding as yellow was the theme. Bright colors sure brightens the day.
Add that with lots of dangling flower balls and lights, it sure creates a wonderful atmosphere

Up and Trendy Car Decoration

Here's pictures of a wedding which we recently handled. The design of the flower arrangement is a new concept in the market. Feel free to give us feedback and comments on what you think about it :)

Simple Modern Wedding

Theme: Simple & Natural
Venue: Carcosa
Flowers: Roses, Cybidium Green Orchid, Hydrangea Blue, Eustoma
Nature element: Mini Green Apples (South Africa)